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This community seems very exciting! I thoroughly enjoy the domestic life--there is little that I enjoy more than keeping things neat, cooking up new recipes, making things of both a practical and impractical variety, etc, etc.

So when it came time that my husband and I were going to get married I was very glad that he did not mind the idea of me being a housewife. He has just started a Masters program and our first baby is due in a couple of weeks.

I have been cleaning up a storm (more than usual) as part of the nesting instinct. I can't leave things for tomorrow, I have to do them NOW. I also have cooked and frozen about 2 weeks worth of supper for the first bit of time the baby is here--our family is quite far and won't be coming right away, so I thought this sort of preparation would be best.

Other than that, I am very interested in history, archaeology and science. I have a small fortune telling business that I run out of our home, though we have recently moved and I am yet to pick up new clients, and probably will not for some time as the baby will happily take up most of my time.

I am glad to be here, and hope that I can contribute frequently!

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Purse/Dog Carrier

Hi!  I'm new here and just wanted to post the granny square bag I made.  It was my first time making a bag, so I was pretty proud of the results.

Anyway, it started out being a purse, but today - needing to take my pomeranian to the vet and not being able to find his carrier - I discovered that the purse makes a great pet bag.  My little baby loved being in it.  

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Looking for inspiration...

So I have a cake stand.

My mom gave it to me with my birthday cake. It's quite old, and made of white china with a decorative grapevine pattern sculpted into the top -- sort of shabby chic verging on kitschy?

I think it's cute. The problem is, I don't bake, and I definitely don't bake cakes. I don't even like cake that much.

But I feel like there has to be some way to use it in a cute, funky decorating sort of way. Like, incorporating it into some kind of centerpiece, or repurposing it as a stand for something other than cakes? I feel like it would be awesome to paint it a really bright color for some reason, but beyond that, I got nothing.

Any ideas? I am reasonably crafty and have friends who are ridiculously so, so the sky's the limit.

Cleaning tomato stains from plastic containers

Hi gang,
I've just bought some new plastic containers for freezing/storing leftovers. I made a beautiful pasta sauce and it has stained my new container.

I have tried a few things to get it out:
* scrub with lemon juice
* put in direct sun to "bleach" it out
* make a paste of baking soda, diswashing liquid and lemon juice and scrub, scrub, scrub

So far nothing has worked. I'd prefer to NOT put bleach in the container but all the google searches I have done point to that being my only option?

Can anyone help?
Bellatrix Lestrange

Hello! :)


I'm 20 years old, engaged to my fiance of over three years, a housewife and my name is Fairy :)

I've always wanted to be a housewife, it's been my dream, and since I have become one i've loved every minute of it. Only problem? Nobody has ever given me any cleaning or looking after your home advice!

So, in the past nearly two years we've lived here, I haven't done very much, just the bare minimum because I don't really know what to do. I'm very ashamed of it and want our home to be sparkling, but heaven's knows where to start!

We live in the middle of a city in a studio flat, so naturally, it's very small and you'd think easy to clean, alas, no.

Earlier today I used Dettol on the fridge, washing machine, draws, surfaces and kettle [still to use it on the sink, cooker and tiles and then in the bathroom], and I think i've made a start, but lord knows.

I don't even know where to start on our cooker, or the wood shelfing in our living room/bedroom! And what about walls, do you clean those too?

I'm sorry, i'm very new to all of this but I want to be a perfect housewife and perfect woman, and a domestic Goddess - I guess we all have to start somewhere!

Currently our flat is very cluttered, the waste system around our flat isn't very good and we have seven bin bags piled up in our hall due to it :\ We also have a desk, karaoke machine, draws, christmas tree etc. in the living room that needs to be cleared out but we're waiting for a "man in a van" to do that as we had to sell our car a year ago due to monetary issues.

So, hello! :) I hope you guys have some tips, tricks and, well, generally good advice for me :) Hope to get to know you all :)
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Furniture Repairs

I just bought a pretty, antique dresser with a swing-down desk on the top. It's in wonderful condition except for the drawers which are a little tough to open and close.

Does anyone here work with repairing antique furniture? What can I do to make the drawers open and close better? Should I rub a bit of beeswax along the tracks?

Spring Cleaning!

It's so easy to clean when the windows are open, a breeze is flowing, music is playing, and sun is shining! I plan on emailing Holly at decor8 a photo of our living room and/or kitchen in hopes of getting a spot in her weekly "how much for this room" series. We'll see! Care to help me decide on a photo to send her? I'm torn! She only wants one photo initially, and if she's interested, I'll be able to submit additional angles and such. You can see more photos as well as a number of black and white shots here.

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waterlily princess

Hello there

Hi all, I'm Shiru and I happened across this comm by chance-- joined today. I'm looking to widen my social circle and make some new friends, and also to glean your godly ideas, tips, and recipes. I bring you a fun and easy recipe to use up those plums that are cheap at the grocery store right now.

I tried making this Purple Plum Pie the other night after work.
plum pie

I skipped the crumb topping because I didn't have enough butter in the fridge. Instead I used the other pie crust in the package and cut out little flowers from it and layered them on top. I guess less calories this way. It came out super juicy, I think it needs a little cornstarch in the mix to gel the juice a little bit. However, it really is good, with lots of flavor, especially if you like the sweet/sour taste of cherry or rhubarb pie.

I'd make sure to use very ripe plums in this pie if I were making it again. The ripe and slightly soft ones completely dissolved into yumminess while the firmer ones stayed harder and taste a little sour. So next time I make it, only very ripe plums, make sure I have butter, and add some cornstarch. But this tastes great! I think it'd be good with vanilla ice cream.